Watch Katy Tur Try To Maintain Her Smile As Random Guy In Parking Lot Trashes Bernie Live On MSNBC

Screenshot Twitter Elizabeth Harrington @LizRNC

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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MSNBC anchor Katy Tur was forced to maintain her smile after stumbling across a President Donald Trump supporter who began to trash Sen. Bernie Sanders on live television Tuesday.

Tur, reporting live from New Hampshire ahead of the Democratic primary, pulled aside a man in a parking lot. She asked the man who he voted for as MSNBC’s chyron pointed out that Sanders of Vermont is leading in the polls.

To Tur’s surprise, the man said that he had voted for Trump. Tur then asked if Sanders “was not appealing” to the voter, who proceeded to trash the Vermont senator for his socialist policies.

“The whole ideology would be destructive to the country,” the man replied as Tur tried to maintain her smile. “It’s anti-growth, it’s anti-family, it’s anti-American, and as a Roman Catholic, it’s anti life.” (RELATED: Election Dissection: Everything You Need To Know Before The New Hampshire Primary)


Many have come out against Sanders for his policies, with longtime Democratic strategist James Carville saying Monday on MSNBC that the people are “not interested in socialism and revolution.”