‘They’ll Rain Holy Hell’: Meghan McCain Says The Democratic Primary Attacks Are Just Beginning

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Wednesday that the kraken was coming — and that racial relationships were going to be key — as Democrats moved on to the next primary states.

McCain made the comments in the opening segment of ABC’s “The View” as she recapped Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary election.


Whoopi Goldberg began the segment by reminding everyone that only two states had spoken, saying “This is when it gets interesting to me.”

Joy Behar offered congratulations to Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who managed a narrow win in New Hampshire over former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg, but conceded that he might not do well in all of the coming contests.

“He’s also going to get trounced in South Carolina,” Behar said. “He was killed in 2016 I believe, the last time. This may be Biden’s opportunity in South Carolina. Nobody knows. I was impressed with Klobuchar. She pulled it out in the debate. She was very good and strong and smart and even funny, a little bit, when they started to boo her, she said Bernie brothers. That was amazing. Let’s see some humor from these people.”

Sunny Hostin jumped in then, noting that both Iowa and New Hampshire were majority white states and saying that the numbers could change dramatically with the influx of African American voters in states like South Carolina, where former Vice President Joe Biden has focused his efforts.

“We’ll see a significant number of African American voters,” Hostin said. “I say it all the time. The Democratic nominee needs the support of African American voters, especially African American women to really get the nomination. I don’t think Klobuchar or Sanders or Buttigieg is well placed.” (RELATED: Amy Klobuchar Bucks Party, Says She’d Make Room For Pro-Life Democrats)

“It’s not wrong,” McCain agreed, adding, “The oppo dumps are going to start coming especially with Mayor Pete in regards to race relations when he was mayor. Just expect people to start releasing the kraken on this.”

“The what?” Behar asked.

“The kraken,” Goldberg repeated.

“Do you know what that means? It doesn’t matter. They’ll rain holy Hell,” McCain explained.

McCain went on to say that she did not see a path forward for Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. “[Amy Klobuchar] over-performed with white college educated women,” she added. “It’s a demographic that’s extremely important. She took it from Warren. Warren is in her neighboring state of Massachusetts. She should have done a hell of lot better than she did. There’s no pathway for her.”

“I actually think it’s going to go to a brokered convention,” McCain concluded, saying that it would all come down to Sanders and whichever moderate candidate managed to come out on top when all was said and done. “It wasn’t a great night for Biden. Coming in fifth isn’t great. He does the best with African American voters. It’s early, but there should be a little more clarity coming out of New Hampshire.”