Julian Castro: Bloomberg Is ‘Donald Trump’s Wet Dream’

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Former Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro said former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is President Donald Trump’s “wet dream” when it comes to who to face off against in the general election this November.

Discussing the Democratic primaries on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” particularly his support of Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Castro responded to a question from host Chuck Todd about Bloomberg’s “late conversions” on some issues by calling him the “closest thing that we have to a Donald Trump on the Democratic side, if you look at his weaknesses.”


Drawing a “Wow!” from Todd, Castro pointed out several of Bloomberg’s weaknesses, including stop-and-frisk.

“There are a lot of people out there that think that maybe the best thing that we can do is nominate a billionaire like Bloomberg because he has the resources,” Castro said. “I actually think if you look at his record on race, on Wall Street, on all of these sexual harassment complaints that were filed against him and that he settled and has hush agreements with women on — he actually is Donald Trump’s wet dream.”

Castro contended that Trump “wants to run” against someone with Bloomberg’s “baggage” in order to “suppress the vote” in key states and “regain his Electoral College victory.” (RELATED: Chris Wallace Puts Kellyanne Conway On The Spot: ‘Why Was Stop And Frisk Tremendous Then And It’s Racist Now?’)

“So you say Michael Bloomberg is the weakest Democrat you can put up there?” Todd asked.

“He is one of the ones who has the most baggage, and in that sense he gives Trump a real opportunity to win back the Electoral College,” Castro said.