‘What Exactly Is The Standard We’re Applying Here?’: Tucker Reacts To Chris Matthews Departure By Naming Names

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson wondered why Chris Matthews is no longer at MSNBC when other perpetrators of “moral crimes” are still working there.

Matthews’ on-air resignation followed several recent missteps, including mistaking Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott for politician Jaime Harrison, comparing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ electoral success to Nazi Germany’s WWII defeat of France and recently revealed accusations of sexual harassment.

Carlson reacted to the news of his departure from the network and contended that the former MSNBC host is everything you “think he is.”

“I’ve known Chris Matthews very well since 1995 when I started appearing on his show regularly,” Carlson, a former MSNBC employee, said. “He’s everything you think he is. Groveling, in the end, couldn’t save him. It never does.”


“I would say his real sin, of course, was being old and unfashionable, that’s why they’re making him leave,” he continued before starting to name NBC and MSNBC employees still at the network. (RELATED: ‘Sanders Hates The Country He Seeks To Lead’: Tucker Breaks Down Bernie’s ‘Radical Open Borders Policy’)

“So as long as we’re making people leave for moral crimes, you’ve got to wonder why is Joy Reid still on the air, who lied and got the FBI implicated in her lie?” he asked. “Or Noah Oppenheim, the buddy of Harvey Weinstein, or Andy Lack, or Joe Scarborough, who still works there? Really? Amazing! So it would be worth asking what exactly is the standard we’re applying here that forced Chris Matthews — I’m not a fan, but just being honest — that forced Chris Matthews off the air?”