Kevin Hassett Returns To White House To Advise Trump On Economy Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Former Trump economic advisor Kevin Hassett is returning to the White House to advise the President “on economic policy.”

Hassett served as the chairman for the White House Council of Economic Advisors until leaving in June 2019. He returns to the Trump administration following a disastrous stock market fall thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, a fall Trump is currently looking for ways to reverse. (RELATED: Senators Caught Dumping Stocks After Private Meeting On Coronavirus Impact)

“Kevin is returning to the White House to advise on economic policy in his personal capacity,” Rachel Slobodien, chief of staff at the WHCEA told the Daily Caller.

Since leaving the Trump administration, Hassett became a commentator on CNN, where he provides regular analysis on the U.S. economy. His prognosis for the coronavirus has been grim, arguing the economy could be headed for another Great Depression without swift action. (RELATED: DHS Secretary: ‘No Immediate Plans’ For Domestic Travel Restrictions In US)

“We’re going to have to either have a Great Depression, or figure out a way to send people back to work even though that’s risky,” Hassett said. “Because at some point, we can’t not have an economy, right?”

Christian Datoc contributed to this report