Roseanne Barr Thinks Coronavirus Is A ‘Scheme’ To Get Rid Of The Boomers

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

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Actress Roseanne Barr said she believes the coronavirus is a “scheme” to get rid of boomers.

Barr joined Norm Macdonald on his Sunday episode of “Quarantined With Norm Macdonald” where she talked about her quarantine in Hawaii and her thoughts on COVID-19.

“You know I’m crazy so I’m speaking as a crazy woman now,” Barr said.

“I think we’re being forced to evolve,” she explained. “You know what it is, Norm? I think they’re just trying to get rid of all my generation. The boomer ladies that, you know, that inherited their, you know, are widows. They inherited the money, so they got to go wherever the money is and figure out a way to get it from people.”

“There’s so many boomers that have money and do no work,” Macdonald replied. “So if you got them out of society, that would be a good thriller.”

Barr claimed Hawaii has one confirmed case of coronavirus, but that she is out of toilet paper and white rice. (RELATED: Roseanne Barr Admits She Had Fat Transferred To Her Butt To Look Like Kim Kardashian)

“99 percent of the Hawaiian people are sequestered and doing exactly what they were told to do,” she told Macdonald.

The Hawaiian islands have roughly 371 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to data shared by John Hopkins University.

Barr, who was fired from the reboot of her show “Roseanne” over racist comments, said she is going to spend her free time developing a lawsuit against Hollywood.

“I’m devising the perfect lawsuit and I am so blessed to have that time and sit here and be able to compile my thoughts,” she said. “So I can figure out how to f**k over everybody in the f**king world over there.”