CNN Personalities Unite On Twitter To Admire Their Network’s Editorial Trump Press Briefing Chyrons

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Several CNN media figures tweeted out their network’s displayed chyrons during President Donald Trump’s Monday evening coronavirus press briefing.

The briefing included the president outlining a timeline of the federal coronavirus response and answering questions from reporters about whether he has the “absolute” power to reopen the U.S. economy by forcing states to rescind their individual stay-at-home orders.

It also included multiple questions about a weekend retweet of someone who included the hashtag #FireFauci. “I re-tweeted somebody, I don’t know. They said fire. Doesn’t matter,” Trump replied before reiterating his support for the coronavirus task force member.

During some parts of the briefing, CNN ran the chyron, “Angry Trump Turns Briefing Into Propaganda Session.”

Which was tweeted out by senior media reporter Oliver Darcy:

CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz tweeted a picture of the chyron:

As did CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett, who tweeted several chyrons her employer displayed during the briefing: (RELATED: Fauci Fires Back At Media, Says Trump Has Gone Ahead With Every Recommendation)

The other chyrons were: “Trump refuses to acknowledge any mistakes,” “Trump uses task force briefing to try and rewrite history on coronavirus response,” and “Trump melts down in angry response to reports he ignored virus warnings.”

CNN senior reporter Vicky Ward also got in on the Twitter chyron action: