Max Rose Accuses Mitch McConnell Of Telling Cops, Firefighters And Teachers To ‘Drop Dead’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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New York Democratic Rep. Max Rose took to the House floor Thursday to accuse Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of telling police officers, firefighters and teachers to “drop dead.”

House members were discussing the next steps in providing relief to those suffering from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and Rose used some of his time to lay blame at McConnell’s feet. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Wipes Her Nose, Touches Podium — House Members Demonstrate The Wrong Way To Wear Masks)


“Madame Speaker, I rise today because I agree with my colleagues across the aisle,” Rose began. “We should have been here weeks ago. Weeks ago to get more money for our hospitals. Weeks ago to protect testing. Weeks ago to improve this program for small businesses. But alas, only in Washington, D.C., would we wait weeks when we all agree.”

“But let’s move forward because our front line workers right now cannot afford for us to stand by for politics,” Rose continued, saying that it was not the time for politics as usual before he turned his attention to McConnell. “Leader McConnell said to our cities and states, to our cops and firemen and teachers, he told them to drop dead. Well, why don’t we put politics aside, rise up, and tell him that we put the country first.”

McConnell has spent the last week pushing for renewed funding to supplement the Paycheck Protection Program, arguing that it should be replenished before Congress took up additional relief measures. Speaker Pelosi disagreed, and the stalemate led to a stall in the PPP due to a lack of funds.