POLL: 69.4% Of People Expect Coronavirus To Impact The Football Season

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Tons of people still expect coronavirus to have an impact on the upcoming football season.

I’ve been running weekly polls asking people if they expect the ongoing pandemic to disrupt football and the results weren’t pretty in the latest one. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Of the 5,335 voters, 69.4% of people voted that they think the season will be impacted.

These results were a shade more optimistic than a week ago, but it’s still definitely on the wrong side of 50%.

Results for these polls have been all over the place the past several weeks, but we’ve never gotten below 50%.

While there have been moments of optimism, most people seem to believe the season is certainly going to be impacted.

Look, I wish I could sit here and tell you all that it’s going to be okay, and football will proceed as normal. I’d love to say that.

Unfortunately, that’s not a call anybody can make right now because nobody even knows.


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What I will say is that it’s clear the overwhelming majority of people don’t think the season will proceed as planned.

Personally, I’m doing my best to remain optimistic about the future of football amid the coronavirus crisis.

While I can’t guarantee the future, I’m confident if we remain smart and vigilant, then we’ll win this war.

Do your part to help us win this war, and we’ll be back to normal sooner or later!