Mike Pence Defends Decision Not To Wear A Mask During Mayo Clinic Tour


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Vice President Mike Pence defended his decision to forgo a face mask during a Tuesday tour of the Mayo Clinic.

The vice president appeared to be the only one not wearing a mask in videos of the visit, and as NBC News reported, the clinic has been requiring all patients and visitors to put on masks before entering the building in order to to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. (RELATED: White House To Begin Administering COVID-19 Tests To Anyone Close To Trump, Pence)

NBC also reported that the Mayo Clinic had tweeted, then deleted a statement claiming that Pence’s office had been made aware of the mask policy prior to his arrival at the testing lab.

Critics immediately attacked Pence for choosing not to wear a mask.

Pence later defended his decision, quoting the health officials who have said that the mask is designed to prevent carriers from spreading the virus and noting that, because he is the vice president, he has been regularly tested and is negative.