Michigan Government Will Give Out Free Condoms During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The state of Michigan will give residents free condoms during the coronavirus pandemic.

With people stuck at home because of the virus, there’s apparently some concern about the ability to get condoms. Well, Michigan is coming through in the clutch. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will deliver condoms for free to people throughout the state during the coronavirus pandemic, according to MLive.com. All people have to do is email MDHHS-FreeCondoms@Michigan.gov and the government will discreetly ship condoms.

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First off, I’m sure this will trigger some losers out there and that’s exactly what you are if this plan by Michigan gets you fired up.

Whether we like it or not, it’s likely people are still going to have sex during the pandemic. While I’m willing to do whatever is necessary to save football, we can’t expect that kind of commitment from everybody.

If people are going to have sex, then I’m pretty sure we don’t need STD rates and pregnancy spiking because people couldn’t get their hands on contraception.

Would I encourage people to have sex during a global crisis? I guess it depends on your situation, but I absolutely would caution against it with strangers.

Just remember, with every random person you have contact with, you’re putting football season at risk. If I can give up women during the coronavirus pandemic, then you can too.

However, if people are going to engage in sexual activity, at least Michigan is making sure there’s some protection on the table.

All things considered, it’s not a terrible idea.