Whoopi Goldberg Says She’s Staying On ‘The View’: ‘Someone Needs To Stand Up’ To The President


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Whoopi Goldberg said she plans to stay on “The View” for now because “someone needs to stand up” to the president.

“Things come up and I think my time is spread,” the 64-year-old talk show host shared during her appearance on Sirius XM’s “The Howard Stern Show.” The comments were noted by Entertainment Tonight in a piece published Friday. (RELATED: Joy Behar: Female Trump Voters Don’t Know The Difference Between A Predator And A Protector)

“It’s not that my time will come back, it’s not gone anywhere,” she added. “It’s just still there and I guess I’m supposed to be doing this, right now.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Blasts Trump At John McCain’s Funeral)


Goldberg continued, “I guess I’m supposed to be in this chair every day saying, ‘Listen, we do not have to buy into fear or panic. We can master this if we do this together.'”

The actress then shared that she plans to remain in the chair on the show to stand up to the president, without directly naming President Donald Trump.

“I feel like I am better off saying, ‘Listen, someone needs to stand up when the person in the White House says maybe we should inject some bleach,'” the talk show host admitted. “I’m the person that had to say, ‘Hey, hey you sitting there, you need to stand up and say you can’t do – no. No!'”

“So, I feel like there’s stuff I’m supposed to be doing, but yeah, I’d like to be making a movie and I’m sure I will again,” she added.

It all comes following a report in the New York Times last summer, where she said being on the ABC daytime show wasn’t exactly “enough” for her.

“What you’re asking is, ‘Is The View enough?’ It’s not,” Goldberg replied. “Ten years is a long time, and now I’m starting to do other stuff. I’m doing books. I’m adventuring into THC products. I’m creating the clothes.”

“… In a way, I am playing a role,” she added. “These are not conversations that I’m having with my friends. If they were, we’d be doing it differently. My friends and I can talk about things in depth in a different way than you can on television.”