Australian Man Broke Into Museum To Take Selfies With Dinosaur Skulls

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — User:ABC]

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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An Australian man was arrested Sunday after breaking into the Australian Museum in Sydney to take selfies with dinosaur bones.

Camera footage shows the man touring the museum for 40 minutes, rifling through drawers, taking pictures and looking through storage spaces. He was charged with breaking and entering, according to the Guardian.

“It’s not going to be a movie producer knocking on your door. It’s going to be NSW police knocking on your door,” deputy chief inspector of the New South Wales Police Department Sean Heaney said, according to the Guardian. (RELATED: Businesses Adding ‘COVID-19 Surcharge’ To Customers Bills)

A man turned himself in to Surry Hills Police Station later Sunday afternoon. He was refused bail and will appear in court on Monday. The man allegedly also stole a piece of artwork as well as an employee’s cowboy hat.