Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Says She Will ‘Make Sure’ The Ducks And Beavers Are Not At ‘Disadvantage’ During Pandemic

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will do her best to make sure the Ducks and Beavers aren’t at a disadvantage this upcoming football season.

At the moment, more and more programs are working their way back onto campus to begin training for the upcoming season. However, not all states are opening up during the coronavirus pandemic.

Oregon isn’t bringing people back just yet, but Brown wants to make sure the teams don’t get crushed in the fall. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Deputy Communications Director Charles Boyle told OregonLive.com the following in a recent statement:

Anyone who has seen Governor Brown in the stands at a Ducks game knows she is a huge fan and supporter of Oregon athletes. She looks forward to watching them crush the competition in the Pac-12 and throughout the NCAA this season. We will make sure they are not at any competitive disadvantage due to the current situation.

I have some bad news for Brown. You simply can’t return weeks after everyone else and expect to compete.

That’s just not going to happen. Every single day of practice matters, and right now the Ducks and Beavers aren’t playing.


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OregonLive reported athletes can’t return until June 13 at the earliest. That’s not great news for people expecting either team to be good.

Now, does it for sure mean they won’t be any good? Of course not, but it means they’re behind several other teams.


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Oregon fans better just hope like hell that Ohio State game happens. Fans are expected to be banned at sporting events in the state through September, which means the game is certainly at risk.

All the way around, it’s just an ugly situation. It’s also delusional to think you’re going to be competitive without being on the practice field.


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No matter how you slice it, you simply can’t compete if you’re not practicing.