George Floyd Protestors Set Fire To Wendy’s, AutoZone In Minneapolis

Twitter/Screenshot/Libor Jany

Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Protestors in Minneapolis turned to looting and burning businesses, setting an AutoZone and Wendy’s aflame Wednesday night, numerous sources reported. 

In the second day of protests following the death of George Floyd, a man who died after a police officer was caught on camera pinning his neck to the ground, protesters were seen stripping a Target bare and loading up carts with products, and setting fires to multiple local businesses including an AutoZone, Wendy’s, a cell phone store, and an affordable housing building that was under construction, Bring Me The News reported.

A Wendy’s restaurant was unidentifiable Thursday morning, reduced to ash as smoke can still be seen billowing at the scene, an MPR News reporter’s photo showed. (RELATED: Minneapolis Police Protesters Seen Looting TVs, Clothes From Target)

The multistory apartment building that was set on fire could be seen burning from a 10 mile distance, a local news photojournalist observed.

An MPR News reporter described the scene as “unbelievable devastation.”

“There’s an industrial building across the street from me that’s smoking. There’s affordable housing that was being built that is still on fire … there is a Wendy’s that is completely demolished in the parking lot. Target has been looted. Cub has been looted … and blockades everywhere,” he said.

“People are stunned by what this looks like. This is every day life, this is the grocery store, this is Target, this is fast food places, things people are really used to. They can’t believe it’s sitting there smoking and burning and there are helicopters above us and sirens going off,” he continues. “It’s just really, really hard to take in.”

A family-owned gift store and meat market, Ingebretsen’s, was among the damaged businesses. The granddaughter of the store’s founder said “it’s like a war came through here last night,” according to MPR News.