Minneapolis Police Protesters Seen Looting TVs, Clothes From Target

Twitter/Screenshot/Karen Scullin

Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Protesters in Minneapolis took to the streets for a second night after the death of George Floyd and also began looting Target, making away with groceries, clothes, large electronics like flatscreen televisions, numerous sources reported.

Looters were seen loading up carts and running in and out of a Target located steps away from Minneapolis police’s 3rd precinct Wednesday, the center of the protests over Floyd’s death, Fox 9 reported.

Floyd died at a hospital Monday after being pinned to the ground by police, with an officer stepping on his neck after he supposedly became violent. Floyd is caught on video crying that he cannot breathe.

He was arrested by police for alleged forgery. 

The city erupted in protests Tuesday night, with officers responding with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds that became violent. 

Protestors lobbed rocks and bottles at police and smashed precinct windows. They also gathered outside the Minneapolis home of Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman and the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck, Derek Chauvin, who was fired following the incident.

Chalked on the street in front of Chauvin’s house is “George Floyd,” “A murderer lives here,” and “He said he couldn’t breathe,” according to Star Tribune

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he had already directed the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate Floyd’s death. (RELATED: Trump Orders DOJ, FBI To Investigate George Floyd’s Death In Police Custody)