Keith Ellison Says Trump’s Tweets ‘Stems From The Same Sort Of Attitude’ That Killed George Floyd

Screenshot: CBS News

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Democratic Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison ripped President Donald Trump’s tweets about riots occurring in Minnesota, saying the tweets “stems from the same sort of attitude” that lead to the death of George Floyd.

The president said Friday that he would call in the National Guard to deal with rioting “thugs” in a tweet that was censored by Twitter for allegedly “glorifying violence.” (RELATED: Michael Moore, Democratic Socialists, Journalists Join Hands And Cheer Minnesota Riots)

“Well, calling people thugs and calling on people to get shot is — stems from the same sort of attitude that resulted in the death of George Floyd,” Ellison told CBS News Friday morning. “The tough guy, macho man, I’m going to make you do what I want you to do attitude is the heart of the problem. And we need the president and everybody else who thinks that you can get to a better place through threats of violence to stop it. I think violence begets violence.”


Ellison added that he was concerned rioters and looters were distorting the message of justice for George Floyd, whose death generated widespread condemnation after video surfaced of police officers pinning him to the ground, with one kneeling on his neck. The officers involved were terminated earlier this week, and the president has ordered the Justice Department and the FBI to conduct an “expedited” investigation into Floyd’s death.

“Here’s what I’d say to the people who are protesting — you have made your point. Do not let people who want to burn or break things distort the message of justice for George,” Ellison said. “The fact is he deserves to have his case heard, justice needs to come forward. But now the conversation is — has shifted to, you know, what has happened in the streets as opposed to what’s going to happen to these officers who so horrifyingly, you know, treated him on the corner of Chicago and 38th.”