‘Justice For George Floyd Was Lost’: Daily Caller Reporter On The Ground In Minneapolis Describes Protests, Riots

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Daily Caller contributor Kyle Hooten told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Thursday that justice for George Floyd was lost after looters burned down and destroyed parts of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Floyd died Monday at a hospital after police pinned him to the ground during an arrest for alleged forgery, with one stepping on his neck. Video footage showed Floyd crying out that he could not breathe as the officer continued to step on his neck. Protests quickly turned to rioting in the wake of Floyd’s death, with shops being broken into and buildings being burnt to the ground in Minneapolis.

“The most shocking thing to me when I was on the ground is realizing just how quickly the emphasis of justice for George Floyd was lost. As the evening wore on into the early morning hours, the original crowd of people that was there holding protest signs, doing chants, quickly deteriorated,” Hooten told MacCallum on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”


Hooten documented looters destroying a Target and posted videos to Twitter of various fires. One building set ablaze was reportedly set to be a low-income housing unit once completed, he said. (RELATED: Sean Hannity Goes Off On The Minnesota Cop For Making Good Cops Look Bad: ‘Excessive And Extreme’)

“That building was designed to better the community for the people that actually live there, and when they burned it down it was really discouraging – both for me and to a few of the other people that I talked to at the riot,” Hooten added.

“And I think that watching that building burn and watching the community crumble really does detract from the injustice that George Floyd suffered, and I think that these clips of rioting and looting and debauchery distract from the entirely justified message that anti-police brutality protestors have.”