‘Should Send Shivers Down The Spine Of Every American’: Tim Scott Rips CHAZ, Defund Police Efforts

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Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott said that the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in downtown Seattle should “send shivers down the spine of every American.”

Scott also criticized the “Defund the Police” movement that has emerged from protests sparked by the death of George Floyd as the “dumbest idea I’ve heard in a very long time” during a Saturday morning appearance on Fox News’ “Cavuto Live.”


“Seattle, Washington should send shivers down the spine of every single American,” Scott said, responding to Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto’s question about CHAZ. “We are one nation and frankly, anywhere at anytime where people think that they can have their own autonomous zone, that is— stems in stark contrast to who we are as a country. That has to come to an end sooner than later without any question.”

Moving to the concept of defunding the police, Scott tried and failed to look “for a nice word” to describe it.

“The notion of defunding the police is, it’s a synonym to providing more access to criminals to the most vulnerable people in the nation,” he said. “It is one of the dumbest — I’m looking for a nice word, but I can’t find one — the dumbest idea I’ve heard in a very long time is defunding the police.”

The South Carolina senator said the goal should be a “character-driven department,” because eliminating police would mean “that the most vulnerable people become more vulnerable.” (RELATED: ‘The World’s Greatest Learning Experience’: Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Explains Why CHAZ ‘Inspired’ Him)

“So while we have to improve the outcome, eliminating the police will not improve the outcome, it will put our nation in jeopardy,” Scott explained after relating some instances in his own life where police have come to aid. “If you like order, if you like the ability to live your lives and sleep in peace, we need the police. We just need to make sure the relationships are improved, that are strengthened, not eliminated. That is just the absolute wrong direction if I’ve ever heard of one.”