Former MLB Player Aubrey Huff Says He’d ‘Rather Die From Coronavirus’ Than Wear A Mask

(Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

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Former MLB star Aubrey Huff slammed people criticizing him for not wearing a face mask in public amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Huff, who played for the San Francisco Giants, claimed it isn’t healthy to “breathe in your own CO2” while wearing a mask.

Huff shared a video Tuesday explaining why he wasn’t going to wear a mask after he tweeted it was “unconstitutional” to make people wear one inside businesses.

“It’s not healthy to breathe in your own CO2 all the time and it seems like everyone is a coronavirus expert,” Huff said. “If I, God forbid, get the coronavirus, here’s what I do: I go home, I get well and I get back and live my life. I would rather die from coronavirus than live the rest of my life in fear and wear a mask.”

“If you want to wear a mask and live in fear for the rest of your lives, that’s certainly your prerogative,” Huff said in a video he posted on his Twitter account. “But the vast majority of well-adjusted, sane, common-sense people that aren’t sheep and can reason for themselves agree with me.”

Huff pointed out that he does believe coronavirus is real, and encouraged people with preexisting conditions or health issues to stay home. (RELATED: Aubrey Huff Says He Won’t Be Invited To San Francisco Giants World Series Reunion Because Of His Tweets)

“I understand that coronavirus is real,” he continued. “If you have preexisting conditions, or you’re an old person or — and this is going to sound insensitive, but someone has to say it — you’re morbidly obese, then stay the f**k home. Just because that is your plight in life, doesn’t mean the whole world has to shut down.”