Reality TV Star Mama June Says She Was Going Through $2,500 Worth Of Meth Every Day

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot WE tv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kto-0OVQ-90&feature=emb_logo)

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Reality Star Mama June admitted to using an extremely high amount of methamphetamine in the past.

June, who made her first reality TV appearance on “Toddlers & Tiaras,” made the shocking admission about meth during Friday’s episode of “Mama June: Family Crisis.”

“Because you know, at that point, we was doing quite a bit,” June said on the show. “I mean it was a couple ounces a day. Our habit was $2,500 a day if not more.”

June also admitted to using Fioricet and Xanax.

“It wasn’t something that just started … I got high because I wanted to,” June added. “It’s not the first time I’ve ever done drugs.”

The meth admission comes after June was arrested in March of 2019 for drug possession. She was charged with felony for possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia. (RELATED: ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Star Shaun Weiss Arrested For Methamphetamine Use, Burglary)

“I promise you for the last couple of months, we have been, I would say, 90 percent good,” June said in the episode. “If this was four or five months ago, I would have been high as f*ck when I came up in here.”

June’s family has openly said jail time could be good for June.

“I’ve always said that when their time [comes] to get their consequences, I do hope that maybe it is jail time,” Lauryn “Pumpkin” told TooFab. “The reason I feel like that is because my mom has lived so much of her life being Mama June and being that celebrity who doesn’t really see consequences and she needs to see that. I feel like that would really get her life straightened out. She actually would have nobody.”