‘I’ve Seen A Bigger Crowd At A Carrot Top Performance In Soho’: Joy Behar Mocks Trump Rally Turnout

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar mocked the lower-than-expected turnout at President Donald Trump’s weekend campaign rally in Tulsa.

Behar addressed the issue Monday along with her cohosts on ABC’s “The View,” joking that she had “seen a bigger crowd at a Carrot Top performance in Soho.” (RELATED: Joy Behar Calls Trump A ‘Domestic Terrorist’ — Takes It Back After Whoopi Issues Warning)


After weeks of bragging about the number of tickets that had been reserved for the Saturday event, the number of actual attendees fell short of expectations and a number of empty seats were visible in the arena around Trump. The campaign has said that protesters were to blame, while some Trump critics credited a TikTok video encouraging people to reserve tickets and then not show up as a form of protest.

Sunny Hostin argued that some people might have been scared of exposure to coronavirus and nervous about the fact that masks were not going to be mandatory at an indoor venue. “I don’t think that they wanted to risk their lives to see Donald Trump, the magician, in person.”

“Around about what would go to a mid-level 80s band was the audience he got,” Meghan McCain added.

Behar weighed in then, saying, “I’ve seen a bigger crowd at a Carrot Top performance in Soho,” but that her real concern stemmed from the interviews she saw with Trump supporters and the idea that some Democrats might take it for granted that former Vice President Joe Biden could win.

“These people are in love the way you’re in love with somebody when you first meet them and you’re just running toward each other in slow motion,” Behar said, adding that Trump was like the boyfriend who would dump them six weeks later for someone younger and prettier and Biden was the reliable husband who actually took care of things around the house.

“I worry about people who are in that state of euphoria over a candidate,” Behar concluded. “Because they will make it their business to get to the polls.”