Baby Zebra Stumbles While Learning How To Play With A Ball At Denver Zoo

(Photo: ABC Twitter Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A baby zebra recently found playing with a ball at the zoo took a bit of a stumble before getting right back up.

It all went down at the Denver Zoo when the zebra foal, baby Kylo, was spotted running around and playing in the yard, per video posted Monday by ABC News on Twitter.  (RELATED: Police Take Parrot Into Custody After It Tries To Help Drug Dealers Escape)


In the video, we see Kylo spot the giant round ball and start pushing it around with his head and rolling it with his head down.  (RELATED: Cruise Line Buys Loch Ness Monster Insurance)

But then the ball slips out from under him and the baby animal’s front legs slip out too from the ground he’s standing on.

But fear not, he’s only down for a few seconds before his body rolls right over and bounces right back up onto his wobbly legs. He’s then off and running.

At one point in the clip, we also see the baby walk over to another larger zebra when something sparks the animal and he takes off running, with the baby chasing after him.

Clearly looks like a good time was had by all, despite a little stumble that didn’t stop him from getting back up!