Groom Dies Days After Wedding In India, Reportedly Leaves 100 People Infected With Coronavirus

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A wedding in India has reportedly left roughly 100 people with a coronavirus diagnosis.

Despite developing diarrhea and a high fever, the groom and bride still held a wedding that was attended by 360 people in Paliganj on June 15, according to a report published Wednesday by The Hindustan Times.

The groom died two days after the ceremony and his body was cremated without being tested for coronavirus, the outlet reported.

“Even though he was feeling unwell by June 14 and wanted the wedding deferred, family heads from both sides advised against it, citing huge financial losses if the arrangements had to be canceled,” a relative told The Indian Express. (RELATED: Busch Offers Free Beer For Couples Who Had Their Weddings Postponed Because Of Coronavirus)

“As rural areas are almost COVID-free, we were relaxed,” another relative told the outlet. The family reportedly prayed the disease wasn’t coronavirus when the groom was still running a fever on the day of the ceremony.

“He performed all the pre-wedding functions after taking Paracetamol,” the relative said.

15 of the groom’s relatives tested positive on June 19, the Hindustan Times reported. Another 86 wedding guests also tested positive for coronavirus, officials told the outlet. The bride reportedly did not test positive for the virus.

“Our first priority now is to prevent the infection and break the chain,” Chiranjeev Pandey told The Indian Express. “We have sealed parts of the neighboring Meetha Kuan, Khagari and some parts of the sub-urban marketplace of Paliganj.”