Trump Supporter Slapped In The Face At Black Lives Matter Plaza

Jorge Ventura/Daily Caller

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A Trump supporter was slapped in the face Tuesday night as tensions rose at Black Lives Matter Plaza.

A video showed two men in a verbal altercation in the plaza, which is located across from Lafayette Square Park in Washington, D.C.

A group gathered around as the verbal argument escalated, eventually leading to what appeared to be a Trump supporter getting slapped in the face. (RELATED: Black Lives Matter Totally Shuts Down Nation’s Capital On Independence Day)


“He hit him first,” someone in the crowd can be heard saying as cops surround the suspect. The suspect is eventually apprehended and taken behind a barricade.

“He didn’t do nothing, what is he being detained for?” a man asked the police. A verbal confrontation began with police, with the group making it clear they were not happy about the man being arrested. Police repeatedly warn the protesters to stay behind the barricade.

“Let him go!” someone in the crowd started chanting once the man was led away in handcuffs. The protesters tried to follow the officers who were leading the suspect away, and the police formed a line to hold the group back.

A smaller group began to physically fight with police, and a man in a teal shirt was detained.

“F*ck you and your Hitler mustache, you f*cking racist b*tch” a protester yelled at a police officer, following the arrest.

A crowd demanded answers from police after another protester was arrested later Tuesday night.

“Why was he arrested?” multiple people from the crowd repeat, including one person with a megaphone.

Protesters in Black Lives Matter Plaza, sometimes referred to as the “Black House Autonomous Zone” (BHAZ), were seen yelling and cursing at police officers several times in the past. Protesters also fought amongst themselves, and reporters were harassed while trying to film in the area.

A reporter was chased out of the plaza earlier Tuesday evening before the fight began.