REPORT: Networks Now Rewarding Reality Stars With Bonuses For Good, Not Racist Behavior

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Cable TV networks are reportedly now rewarding their reality stars with bonuses for good behavior.

“Good-behavior bonuses” are being put into stars’ contracts, according to a report published Tuesday by Page Six.

“They’re talking about ‘behaving well,’ as in not using racial slurs on social media and not getting into fights with castmates. It’s not a high bar,” a source told the outlet.

This seems like an interesting idea. Using racial slurs on social media seems like an obvious thing you shouldn’t be doing, but fighting with castmates? That’s what makes reality TV so fun to watch. Does it stop being reality TV if the small “real” portion is eradicated?

The move comes after reports surfaced that multiple networks had hired private investigator firm Edward Myers & Associates to help root out racism among the hired talent. As previously reported, the suspected networks include MTV, CBS, Showtime and VH1. (RELATED: REPORT: TV Networks Now Hiring Private Investigator To Search Stars’ Social Media For Racism)

Multiple reality stars have been fired due to the heightened discussions about race in America.

Several “Vanderpump Rules” stars were fired over racist social media posts.