‘The Street Is Closed!’: Protesters Block Off Street Near DC’s BLM Plaza, Force Locals To Turn Around

(Screenshot/Twitter: Public User Jorge Ventura)

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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A small group of protesters briefly blocked traffic near the newly renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C., forcing cars to turn around Tuesday evening.

Earlier in the evening, protesters were seen shouting at police officers in front of St. John’s Church following numerous arrests. The police officers were not allowing protesters to impede traffic on one of the roads, and some members of the group chose a different road to block.

“The street is closed!” some of the protesters shouted at multiple cars trying to pass through. The vehicles eventually turned around, with one woman shouting “f*ck you” at the group as she drove away, according to two Daily Caller reporters on the ground.


The group of protesters did allow a bus to pass through, but prevented cars from continuing. One protester appeared annoyed at the prospect of allowing the city bus to continue driving and the group immediately prevented a car from driving after gesturing for the bus to go.

“You good, you good,” a protester told the bus driver. (RELATED: WARNING GRAPHIC: We Spent A Few Hours On Black Lives Matter Plaza — Here’s What It Looked Like)

Police officers eventually arrived back to the scene after the protesters’ numbers began to dwindle. Traffic resumed after about an hour.

The traffic block came following a tense night with multiple arrests. A President Donald Trump supporter was slapped in the face and a reporter was chased out of the area for filming earlier Tuesday, among the multiple arrests.