Woman In Bikini Dances Around Her Car After Big Crash, Gets Thrown To The Ground By Police

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Giorgi Javoiani https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZLy7OEJbjA

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A bikini-clad woman was thrown to the ground by police after dancing around her crashed vehicle.

The brunette driver was handcuffed and arrested after exhibiting bizarre behavior after she crashed her car into another vehicle, according to a report published Friday by Daily Mail.


Despite the bizarre behavior, the woman reportedly passed a drugs and alcohol test, the outlet reported. The woman and three others suffered minor injuries in the crash.

“The woman in the footage has been arrested on suspicion of a road traffic offence and specifically an offence of reckless driving,” a representative for Lepe Town Hall told the outlet. “It is clear from the footage that she also resisted arrest.” (RELATED: Oregon Man Driving Stolen Vehicle Crashes Into Woman Driving Stolen Vehicle)

“She was the driver of a vehicle which initial inquiries reveal hit another car. Four people including this woman suffered minor injuries,” the representative added. “The area where the crash occurred is near to the beach and we can only assume from what she is wearing that she was heading to the beach.”

This is a pretty bizarre story. She wasn’t drinking and she wasn’t on drugs, but there’s something clearly going on in this. She’s dancing around the street like a crazy person.