CNN Host’s Wife Called Out For Not Wearing A Mask After Posting Video Of Hamptons Yoga Session

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Christina Cuomo drew fire on social media after posting an Instagram video of a maskless, non-socially-distanced yoga session.

The wife of CNN host Chris Cuomo and sister-in-law of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo posted the video earlier this week of herself and a friend, yoga instructor Erika Halweil, doing yoga in an East Hamptons Jimmy Choo shoe store, Page Six reported.

While comments have since been “limited” on the post, Page Six documented several critics blasting the fact that the pair were so close together, having removed their masks on video at the beginning of the session.

“Wear masks!” one person said, while another commenter wondered whether “all gyms and studios can open in NY or just yours?”

Gyms have so far not been allowed to open in New York despite the fact that coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have sharply declined in the state. (RELATED: Cristina Cuomo Defends Use Of Bleach In Bathwater, Says She Is Feeling ‘So Much Better’)

“I want you to know the studio owners asking how you can do this aren’t bashing we are literally pleading for help to help us reopen,” wrote commenter Tara Gordon, whose profile says she owns a pilates studio.

“To help get a call back and regulations put in place that we can observe to reopen safely instead of being closed indefinitely,” Gordon continued. “If any of us had done that we’d have been fined and potentially lost our business. You have a voice via @thepurist and a direct line to the only person making these decisions to keep us all closed indefinitely. We aren’t hating. We are asking for help.”

The criticism continued on Twitter, where Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, who lost her mother-in-law and father-in-law in New York nursing homes, led the charge with a curt “rules for thee and not for me!”

Both Chris and Christina Cuomo were diagnosed with COVID-19 in April and have since recovered.