Maxim Model Opens Up About ‘Finding Her Place’ After Coming Out As A Trump Supporter

Daily Caller, Elizabeth Pipko

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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Maxim model and former Trump campaign staffer Elizabeth Pipko joined the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to talk about her new book titled “Finding My Place: Making My Parents’ American Dream Come True.”

She describes what it was like coming out as a Trump supporter in 2016 while working in the modeling industry.

“Not only was I terrified for myself, losing friends, family members and everything else, but I was scared I would never work again in anything,” Pipko said.

She went on to call out some high-profile Democratic politicians for their handling of the growing anti-Semitism problem within their party. (Related: Jewish Model Reveals How Democratic Anti-Semitism Could Lead To ‘Jexodus’) 

Pipko, who is Jewish, is the founder of the “Jexodus” movement, which is a group that opposes anti-Semitism.


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