Herschel Walker Suggests ‘Politics’ Behind College Football Season Cancellations

(Fox News screengrab)

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College Football Hall of Famer Herschel Walker suggested that “politics” could have played a role in conferences and teams that have canceled their football seasons so far.

Walker expressed frustration with the decisions of the Pac-12 and Big 10 to postpone their seasons because of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, in an appearance on Fox News’ “The Story” Tuesday night.

“I’m sad because kids need to play,” Walker told anchor Martha MacCallum. “Kids need to play and this is such a controlled environment that they have to be in. You’re gonna be with some of the best doctors. Kids are tested, what, twice a week? If they are not playing and the kids are at home they are in an environment where they can get sick.”

Walker suggested that college leaders “don’t seem to care about the lives that are going on in the country.”


“What are you going to do?” he asked rhetorically. “You are going to send them home? Because if school is not in, what are they going to do? Are you gonna destroy these kids and mope around campus and get depressed? They are losing their livelihoods right now. You know, kids – think of a fifth-year senior. This is his chance to get to the next level.”

The former Georgia Bulldog and Philadelphia Eagle then suggested that politics could have played a role in the decision not to play.

“And I think that because of politics because you look at the places that decided not to play, look at the areas where they decided not to play” he said. (RELATED: Trump’s Newest Coronavirus Adviser Wants College Football To Happen: ‘There’s No Reason To Shut Down Out Of Fear’)

“You think it is political?” MacCallum asked.

“It is sad that we have come to this right here and that’s what hurts,” Walker responded.