Lay Out At The Beach, Worry-Free, Thanks To This Portable Safe!

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Going to the beach is supposed to be stress-free — but worrying about sand getting in your phone and having your wallet stolen can put an end to your fun pretty quickly. But with temps reaching record highs this summer, the opportunity to dip your toes into the cool ocean water outweighs any annoying downsides. Or does it?

Why take the risk of ruining your valuables or getting them stolen each time you visit the beach, public pool, or campgrounds this summer? Give yourself some peace of mind and then some with beachsafe®, a patented, portable safe that keeps your phone, wallet, glasses, and more secure while you enjoy the day. Boasting a reprogrammable 4-digit lock and an included 3-foot, stainless-steel securing cable you can attach to just about anything, worrying about your belongings on summertime outings is never an issue.

But beachsafe® is way more than just a security case. This thing actually takes care of your stuff while it stores it. That’s because it has a built-in cooling fan, keeping your phone, watch, and whatever else from baking under the sun’s heat. It even has an attached 2 USB ports, a built-in battery pack, and a back-up solar panel to keep your devices juiced up while you play in the sand.

Whether it’s your wallet, glasses, watch, phone, or jewelry, the spacious beachsafe® can keep it all dry and in one place. Made with durable, water-resistant ABS plastic, this thing is ideal for just about any environment, whether it be the public pool, the beach, or the park. It’s no wonder the safety box has been featured on The Gadgeteer, Travel Weekly, GadgetFlow, and Trend Hunter. Even people online are praising the game-changing beachsafe®!

“Bought this for my son’s Jeep! He was looking for a lockbox, to store his wallet, keys, etc. while he went fishing. This works perfectly! He loves that he can charge his cell phone with the solar charger.” – Christopher R.

“Works great for the beach!” – Mark C.

For a limited time, you can get your own beachsafe® Valuable Storage and Phone Cooling Kit for the discounted price of just $69.99!

Prices subject to change.

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