Video Captures Cat Crashing Down From Balcony, Knocking Elderly Man Out Cold

Screenshot/Pets Ya via YouTube

Varun Hukeri General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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A viral video released August 13 depicts a cat crashing down from a balcony in northeastern China and knocking an elderly man out cold.

CCTV footage captured the July 12 incident in the city of Harbin located in China’s Heilongjiang province. An elderly man identified as Gao Fengua could be seen walking with his golden retriever when a cat fell from the balcony of a nearby apartment building and knocked him unconscious, local media outlet The Paper reported.

Several bystanders were seen walking past Gao’s unconscious body before his dog circled back to see what was wrong. The footage depicts the dog lunging at the cat after spotting it lurking by the building. The two animals stare each other down before trading swipes. (RELATED: Taiwan Leads The Way For Asia, First To Ban Eating Cats And Dogs)

Gao reportedly spent 23 days in the hospital before being discharged last week, according to the Sun. Photos acquired by local media depicted him at his home wearing a neck brace. Gao reportedly still has to undergo physiotherapy treatment for his injuries.

Local reports indicated that the cat belongs to Gao’s neighbor, identified as Yu, and had fallen off the balcony of his residency, according to the Sun. Gao and his son Gao Zhengzhong are reportedly negotiating compensation with Yu.