‘This Is How You Ruin A Meal And Reelect Trump’: Greg Gutfeld Blasts Protesters For Bullying Diners

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld blasted protesters who bullied outdoor diners into raising their fists in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

“This is how you ruin a meal and reelect Trump,” Gutfeld said Wednesday on “The Five,” responding to several videos of protesters confronting people in outdoor restaurant seating areas. (RELATED: ‘Wake Up And Smell The Arson’: Greg Gutfeld Slams Don Lemon For Putting ‘Polls Before People’)


“Monday night a group of what appears to be mainly white agitators harassed diners in D.C. restaurants for not raising their fists in solidarity for their cause,” Gutfeld began as he aired some of the video. “The threat is obvious. If you raise your fist, they won’t film you. But if you bravely resist, they will intimidate you and film you with the consequence being you’re now a target.”

He showed one woman, surrounded by protesters, who dared to resist their demands.

“Perfectly named, the woman — Lauren Victor — resisted. She did so even though she supported the cause,” Gutfeld continued. “Why is that important? Because dictatorships begin as a demand that you act on their terms. Not yours. The cause they ask you to support could be one that you yourself adore like free pomade for Jesse. The moment the mob decides you must endorse it publicly, then it’s evil.”

Gutfeld went on to the next video, saying, “Here’s another group harassing a couple eating outside. This is how you ruin a meal and reelect Trump.”

Calling the protesters “good fascists in the making,” Gutfeld explained that they were using fear as a tactic to enforce their will on others.

“So what about you? When the time comes, will raise your fist or face down the mob? Raising your fist will get the ghouls to leave you be, but will you sleep well at night?” Gutfeld ended the segment with a question. “As for Lauren Victor, I have a feeling she will have no such insomnia because she sleeps with a brave heart. Her own.”