School Choice Advocate Kevin Nicholson Criticizes Democrats On School Re-Openings

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Kevin Nicholson, the President and CEO of No Better Friend Corp., spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about school choice, reopening schools in the age of COVID-19 and more.

Last week, President Donald Trump announced his second-term agenda, which would focus on school choice. Nicholson, who is also the host of “The Right Idea” podcast, recently wrote a piece that discussed why the president’s plan on school choice would cure the school re-opening chaos.

“When President Trump comes out and says that ‘we need to look at school choice for all kids,'” Nicholson said, “what he’s talking about are cases like what we recently saw in Dane County, Wisconsin.”

He explained that “on Friday, August [21st] at 5:30 at night, Dane County — the officials there came out with an order saying all schools within the country were not allowed to go back to school in-person.”

“They waited until 5:30 at night to do that on Friday knowing full-well that on Monday, August [23rd], the private schools in Dane County were planning to start,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson also discussed how he and schools like the Lighthouse Christian School spent time handing out school supplies in preparation for the upcoming school year, his thoughts on the left, teachers’ unions and more. (RELATED: Chicago College Student Speaks Out About Returning To Campus This Fall)


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