Sunny Hostin Says She ‘Can’t Watch’ Carole Baskin On ‘DWTS’ Because She ‘Prosecuted Murder Cases’

(Photo: The View/ ABC 7 Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“The View” host Sunny Hostin said because she “prosecuted murder cases” she couldn’t “watch” “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin on the premier of “Dancing With The Stars.”

The comments came Tuesday during a panel discussion on the ABC talk show when Whoopi Goldberg talked about the hit documentary which “casts suspicion on whether Baskin had anything to do with her husband’s disappearance” in 1997.  He was declared dead in 2002. (RELATED: REPORT: Carole Baskin Could Appear On This Season Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’)


“I have no idea what ‘Tiger King’ is,” Joy Behar answered. “What they told me this morning is that she’s under suspicion and the husband is missing. So what would have been a big coup for ABC was to have the husband on ‘Dancing with The Stars.’ Now, that would have been good television. Bring him back!”  (RELATED: Carole Baskin Now Owns Joe Exotic’s Zoo After Winning Lawsuit)

Goldberg replied, “No, no, he’s no longer on the planet.”

“He’s dead,” Meghan McCain added. “He’s dead. He got fed to a tiger.”

“Oh, I thought he was just missing,” Behar replied. “Oh, so he’s dead.”

“She fed him to a tiger,” McCain repeated. “Allegedly. Sorry, Sunny [Hostin], the prosecutor.”

McCain then talked about how she definitely watched adding that she “felt bad about watching it afterward because she [Baskin] is an alleged murderer. I believe she murdered her husband.”

“She talks about putting sardine oil on people and feeding them tigers on the documentary,” she added. “Which you should watch Joy, it’s really good.”

Meghan continued, “Sunny and I did an interview together and we were asked about it. Sunny was like you’re putting me in a weird position. I was a prosecutor and I don’t think I can support an alleged murderer.”

“Yeah, Meghan really got me into the ‘Tiger king’ documentary,” Hostin explained. “So, then I got obsessed with it. I didn’t watch ‘Dancing with The Stars’ because of Carole King. Carole Baskin. Not the singer Carole King.”

“I prosecuted murder cases,” she added. “I can’t watch it. I mean her husband’s … the cold case is still open. He’s disappeared. He’s allegedly dead. I just can’t do it.”

Hostin continued, “I can’t do it,” before she provided a legal disclaimer and shared that, “Carole Baskin has repeatedly denied allegations that she played a part in her husband’s alleged death.”