Chris Cuomo And Don Lemon Pump Each Other Up With Matthew McConaughey Hum-And-Chest-Thump


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon traded off their respective shows with a nod to actor Matthew McConaughey in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Cuomo began by saying that his previous guest had shown the kind of optimism he’d expect from Lemon. Lemon replied by saying that he was hoping to inspire some optimism going into the November election, then asked Cuomo to “go with me” before he began to hum and thump his chest with his fist. (RELATED: ‘Blow Up The Entire System’: Don Lemon Is Ready To Scrap The Electoral College, Pack The Court)


“I want you to go with me, because you guys stole the open of my show. I’m trying to get people optimistic. Are you ready? Just go with me,” Lemon said as he started to hum.

Cuomo appeared to catch on immediately, saying, “You got put your fist higher so they can see it. Matthew McConaughey.”

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm,” they both hummed together, bobbing their heads and thumping their chests. (RELATED: Don Lemon: ‘Jesus Christ Admittedly Was Not Perfect When He Was Here On This Earth’)

“We survived six months, eight months,” Lemon said, apparently referencing the long lines at many early-voting locations. “We can survive six hours in line. I don’t care how long it takes.”

“It’s true, although McConaughey had the benefits of two bottles of wine and an 8-ball,” Cuomo joked.

“And then he had that vial at lunch too,” Lemon quipped.