‘Senator Harris Just Called You A Liar’: John Kennedy Questions Amy Coney Barrett On Her Oath


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said Tuesday that Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris had essentially called Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett a liar.

Kennedy questioned Judge Barrett toward the end of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, pressing her several times on the meaning of the oath she would take before serving on the highest court in the nation. He then argued that Harris’ insistence that Barrett would violate that oath amounted to calling her a liar. (RELATED: ‘The ACA Versus ACB’: John Cornyn Slams Democrats For Suggesting Amy Coney Barrett Would Violate Oath)


“Are you tired, Judge?” Kennedy began. (‘Bernie Sanders Is The Oracle’: John Kennedy Says Biden Is The Nominee, But Sanders Is Leading The Party)

“I’m looking forward to the end of the hearing, I must admit,” Barrett conceded.

The Louisiana Senator asked Barrett about the oath she would take if she were to be sworn in as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and Barrett explained that it would call on her to “do equal justice to all, without fear of favor.”

“It says you will support and defend the Constitution, doesn’t it? Pretty serious oath, isn’t it?” Kennedy asked.

“It is,” Barrett agreed.

“Are you going to take that oath and affirm it if you are confirmed?” Kennedy pressed again.

“Yes,” Barrett replied again.

Kennedy asked one more time, “You’re not lying?”

“I am not lying,” Barrett said, going on to explain that she had taken that oath previously before she took her seat on the federal bench, and said that she had not violated it.

“I would take it again,” Barrett continued. “Oaths are serious to me.”

“Well, now, Senator Harris just called you a liar,” Kennedy pivoted to address Harris, who had questioned Barrett just prior to him. “She said if you take that oath, you would be lying. That you have already made up your mind on how you will vote on some cases, particularly dealing with abortion and the Affordable Care Act. Let’s just cut to the chase. She said you are a liar. Are you a liar?”

“I am not a liar, Senator Kennedy,” Barrett replied.

Kennedy asked Barrett to affirm again that she was not a liar, asking her to look him in the eye and swear “in front of God and country” that if she took that oath she would mean it.

“I will mean it,” Barrett said.

“Do you swear to God?” Kennedy asked once more. Barrett said she swore to God, saying again that she had taken the same oath at the Seventh Circuit and she had meant it.

“You will never break that oath? No matter what your personal feelings are? No matter what your religion is?” Kennedy continued.

“No matter what my religion is,” Barrett replied.

Kennedy asked one final question on the matter: “So, when Senator Harris and her colleagues say you are a liar, they are wrong?”

“They are,” Barrett concluded.