‘Half The West Wing Recovering From COVID’: Ana Navarro Says Trump Can’t Fire Meadows Because There’s No One Left


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro said Monday that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows may only have a job because there’s no one left to replace him.

Navarro, during a segment of ABC’s “The View,” responded to comments Meadows made Sunday to CNN’s Jake Tapper — namely, that the Trump administration was not going to “control” the coronavirus pandemic, but respond with advanced therapeutics and a vaccine. (RELATED: Ana Navarro Blows Up At Meghan McCain: ‘Don’t Scream At Me. I’m Two Feet Away’)


Navarro began by saying that there was no way to sugarcoat the numbers that had been coming in, showing increases in infection numbers in multiple states in the last several weeks.

“In Washington, a mistake, a faux pas is when somebody mistakenly says the truth, and what Mark Meadows said was the truth,” Navarro said. “They can’t control the pandemic. Just look at it. They can’t control it within the West Wing of the White House, much less in the country.”

Navarro went on to say that President Donald Trump was continuing to send “mixed messages” when he claimed that the United States was “rounding the curve.”

“I don’t know what curve he’s talking about. Dead Man’s Curve apparently, but look. The problem is they’ve got to stick with each other,” Navarro concluded. She added that with just “eight days” left until the election, there were limited options even if Trump decided Meadows was not putting out the message he wanted.

“There’s eight days until the election. There is nobody else to bring in as the new chief of staff, you know, you got Kellyanne dealing with mama drama in her house. You’ve got half the West Wing recovering from COVID. Jared, we haven’t seen him in a month. God knows where he went. So Mark Meadows is basically it — they better stick with him for the next eight years even — eight days, even if he is off message,” she said.