Akiem Hicks Once Drank 40 Beers During A $.50 Wing Night At A Bar

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Chicago Bears player Akiem Hicks is apparently a big fan of beer!

Steve Levy mentioned during the “Monday Night Football” matchup against the Rams that Hicks once put down 40 beers during a $.50 wing night while going to school in Canada. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

As brought to my attention by Outkick, Hicks has actually mentioned this story in the past. He told the Ottawa Sun about the situation and explained with the following in part:

Fifty cent wing night with the boys. We had an all day Owl. The Owl was the campus bar. We would go there at noon. And we would drink until there was one guy left. The guy who lasted the longest won. One day I drank 40 beers.

Below is a live look at my reaction upon learning that Hicks once downed 40 beers in a single evening.

Beers at a bar are usually served in a 16 ounce glass. That means if he drank 40 of those, he drank five gallons of beer.

Now, let’s assume it was just 40 12 ounce cans of beer. That’d still be 3.75 gallons of beer, which is a staggering amount of liquid to consume.

The thing, I don’t actually doubt this story one bit. I know a guy who weighed well over 250 pounds back in the day, and was a big time athlete. He used to crush a 30 pack of Busch Light like it was nothing.

So, if he could do it, I have no doubt a guy Hicks size could put down an extra 10 beers.


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Finally, I once got hammered a few years back and stupidly claimed I could drink 50 Miller Lights in a single day. I never attempted it, and I’m damn glad I didn’t. I probably couldn’t even put down 20 in a day right now if my life depended on it, and if I did, I’d be so hungover and drunk that it wouldn’t even be funny.

Let us know in the comments how many beers you could throw back in a single sitting!

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