‘It Plays Right Into Donald Trump’s Playbook’: Ana Navarro Says Riots In Philadelphia Help Trump

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro said Wednesday that continued unrest and riots in Philadelphia would play into President Donald Trump’s hands.

Navarro addressed the issue during a segment of ABC’s “The View,” saying that Trump’s continued calls for “law and order” could resonate if what people saw were riots and looting in their cities. (RELATED: Ana Navarro Advised Troubled Republicans To Vote Third Party — Or Write In — In 2016. Now She’s Blaming Them For Amy Coney Barrett)


“We were talking about the police shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr.,” Whoopi Goldberg said. She began the conversation by mentioning Wallace’s death and the ensuing protests and violence.

“I guess people are trying to figure out how this is going to play out in Pennsylvania. What do you think, Ana? Is it — are people going to be swayed by this?” she asked.

“Look. I think it plays right into Donald Trump’s playbook, right? Law and order. Him saying that he’s going to keep the suburbs safe, and he’s going to rescue the suburbs,” Navarro replied, adding that Trump’s claim that he would save the suburbs was “code” for keeping them white.

“Look. It’s — it is very helpful to Donald Trump, and it is happening in Philadelphia,” Navarro continued, arguing that despite Trump’s claims that he would bring law and order, the violence was still happening on his watch.

“Looting is inexcusable, and it is unacceptable, but it is also unacceptable that we continue to see black men and black women shot and killed needlessly, that we continue to hear the wailings of their mothers and their loved ones, that we continue to see this, and there is no change and no explanation,” Navarro concluded. “So how do you tell people? How do you tell people to just accept it, to not react, to not be angry? Looting is not the answer. Looting is not the answer, but damn it, shooting black people, continuing to shoot black people cannot continue to go on without consequences and changes in America.”