Ana Navarro Advised Troubled Republicans To Vote Third Party — Or Write In — In 2016. Now She’s Blaming Them For Amy Coney Barrett

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN commentator Ana Navarro advised troubled Republicans to write in a vote or vote third party in 2016, and now she’s blaming them for Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation.

Navarro responded to Barrett’s confirmation Monday in a tweet, saying, “If you’re mad #AmyConeyBarrett was just rammed through to replace RBG, then you better get off your duff and vote. Elections have consequences.” (RELATED: ‘Half The West Wing Recovering From COVID’: Ana Navarro Says Trump Can’t Fire Meadows Because There’s No One Left)

“To those who voted for Jill Stein or the pot-smoker from New Mexico, or wrote-in, “Mickey Mouse…congrats on your new SCOTUS Justice!” she added.

But in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, Navarro specifically advised Republicans who were troubled at the thought of voting for either President Donald Trump or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to cast a third party vote or write someone in. She even suggested at the time that she might write in a vote for her own mother.

“I suggest we vote our conscience,” Navarro said. “If comfortable supporting HRC, do it. If 1 of the 3rd Party candidates, do that…I’m writing-in my mom.”

But Navarro ultimately changed her mind, writing in an op-ed for CNN that she had initially planned to write her mother’s name as a protest vote. After carrying her absentee ballot with her for several weeks, she realized that her home state of Florida was going to be too close to call — and so she checked the box for Clinton.