Daily Caller Reporter Shelby Talcott Recalls Looting In Philadelphia On ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

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Phillip Nieto Contributor
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Daily Caller media reporter Shelby Talcott joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday evening to discuss her firsthand account of the mass looting in Philadelphia that broke out after the Monday death of Walter Wallace Jr.

“The protest started out in West Philly which is where Wallace Jr. was killed, and that situation was very tense, but not overly violent,” Talcott told Carlson. “Then about 10 miles away was where all the looting actually occurred. I think simply a bunch of opportunistic individuals who realized that these protests could be used to loot and steal and destroy parts of the city, and that’s exactly what we saw.”

Carlson followed up by asking, “Where were the cops?” (RELATED: The Aftermath Of Widespread Looting In Northern Philadelphia)


“Police officers were there,” Talcott noted. “They were literally watching these individuals run into the Five Below store, hundreds of them would run in and run out for hours, and just down the road, in the same parking lot actually, police were standing in front of the Walmart just watching it happen.”

Talcott added she asked one of the female police officers why law enforcement did not have the situation under control. (RELATED: Daily Caller Reporter Shelby Talcott Talks About Being Assaulted By Protesters On Ingraham’s Fox News Show)

“She essentially said they were understaffed, there were too many people in Philadelphia and they didn’t seem to be doing all that much,” Talcott concluded.

Following the death of Wallace Jr., mass rioting and looting broke out across northern Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday night resulting in over 30 arrests.