Wilbur Beast The French Bulldog Elected Mayor Of Small Kentucky Town

(Credit: Shutterstock Rachata Teyparsit)

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A French bulldog became the mayor of a small Kentucky town on Tuesday.

Wilbur Beast won 13,143 votes, according to a Facebook post published by the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. Wilbur Beast received the highest winning total ever, the organization reported.

“Mayoral election in Rabbit Hash has been called! Wilbur Beast is the new mayor with an amazing 13,143 votes (highest winning total ever) toward an election total of 22,985!!! (Also the highest total ever for a Rabbit Hash election),” the Facebook post said. (RELATED: Police Capture Runaway Kangaroo In Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

“Jack Rabbit, the Beagle, and Poppy, the golden retriever, came in second and third, making them both Rabbit Hash Ambassadors along with Ambassador Lady Stone, who will retain her position,” the post continued. “Congratulations to the winners!”

The historical society also thanked all of the animal candidates for running.

“The Rabbit Hash Historical Society can not thank ALL the candidates enough for their hard work and dedication!”

This really is the news that we needed today. The day after the 2020 presidential election has been the longest ever, but at least we can all rejoice in the success of the cute French bulldog that is Wilbur Beast.

He looks like he will do great for the town of Rabbit Hash.