‘You Can’t Let All These Things Go By’: Mika Brzezinski Wants Investigations And A Post-Mortem On Trump Presidency


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski said Wednesday that she would like to see “a certain degree of investigations” into President Donald Trump.

Noting that she and her husband and co-host Joe Scarborough disagreed on that particular point, Brzezinski argued on ABC’s “The View” that a post-mortem on the Trump administration might be the only way to prevent a similar situation from arising down the road. (RELATED: ‘Firebombed By Donald Trump’: Mika Brzezinski Says She’d Nix Future Debates If She Were Biden)


“The View” host Sunny Hostin began the segment by explaining that some had already called for President-elect Joe Biden to investigate and possibly prosecute Trump and others within his administration. (RELATED: ‘This Close To A Dictatorship’: Joy Behar Calls Trump Officials The Cast Of ‘Lord Of The Flies’)

“One of the senior prosecutors in the Mueller investigation just also came forward and said that the next attorney general should hold Trump accountable for any criminal behavior in office despite how divisive that could be for the country. What’s the best move for the sake of the country in your opinion?” Hostin asked.

“Well, Joe and I disagree,” Brzezinski said with a laugh, saying “for the record” that they felt differently about that particular issue.

“How much are we going to let just pass by from this presidency which has come so close to destroying our democracy, more than any other president?” Brzezinski asked. “And I do think that there needs to be a degree of investigations, and also a post mortem on what happened, and our institutions, where they softened, where they didn’t hold.”

Brzezinski went on to say that she wanted more checks on the attorney general, arguing that the inability to effectively rein in the AG was a weakness in the democracy.

“You can’t let all these things go by, and just pretend that they’ll never happen again. We have to do something about the many perils that this president put toward our democracy,” Brzezinski concluded, saying that she understood the idea of letting things go or even offering a pardon for the sake of unifying the country, but felt that Trump had done too much damage for that to be a consideration.