Pizza Topped With Over 250 Cheeses Breaks Guinness World Record

(Credit: Shutterstock El Nariz)

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A French chef managed to break the world record for a pizza with the most distinct cheeses on it.

Benoît Bruel’s pizza had 254 distinct cheeses on it, breaking the previous world record of 154, according to a post published Monday by the Guinness Book of World Records. An Australian chef previously held the record.

The French chef put together a video of his cheese pizza with YouTuber FlorianOnAir in February. The judges used the video to make the ruling on the record, the New York Post reported. Bruel looked at, sampled and weighed each piece of cheese that went on top of the pizza, according to the outlet. The total weight of cheese added to the pizza reportedly totaled over 1.5 pounds. All 250 cheeses came from France. (RELATED: Girl Reportedly Sets Record For Listing All 195 Nations And Their Capitols In Under 5 Minutes)

According to Bruel, each package of cheese cost $4, meaning the total cost of the cheese for the pizza was roughly $1,000.

That’s a lot of money for one cheese pizza. I wonder if it had to taste good as well or if it just had to have more than 154 cheeses on it to break the record. That’s really the only question that I have: Were the 250 cheeses mixed together good?