Dr. Marc Siegel Warns Of Measles Pandemic As Consequences Of COVID-19 And Lockdowns

(Screenshot, Samantha Renck)

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Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News medical contributor and the author of “COVID: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science,” spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the COVID-19 vaccines, reopening schools and more.

“There’re two reasons for vaccinating people,” Siegel said. “One is to vaccinate to protect you. The other is to vaccinate everyone around you. That’s called ‘ring immunity’ to protect somebody that’s vulnerable.” (RELATED: UK Approves Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine For Emergency Use)

Siegel, who is a professor of medicine at the NYU Langone Medical Center, also discussed the consequences of lockdowns and school closures such as children missing vaccinations and lacking proper food.

“Nutrition suffers when you’re working virtually. You can’t serve a virtual meal,” Siegel said. “A recent study by Medicare-Medicaid shows [vaccinations] are down 22 percent. At the end of this pandemic, we’re going to have a measles pandemic.”

“We have to look at the costs involved in closing schools.”

Siegel also discussed politicians like Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser breaking their own COVID-19 restrictions, comparisons between Joe Biden and the Trump Administration’s covid-19 plans and more.


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