‘We Are Not Crazy’: California Restaurant Defies Outdoor Dining Ban

Daily Caller - Jorge Ventura

Jorge Ventura Contributor
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Cronies Sports Grill in Agoura Hills, California is defying Los Angeles County’s ban on outdoor dining. Dave Foldes and Dave Rey, the owners of the restaurant, told the Daily Caller that they are staying open for their employees.

“This whole thing started because the last we’re going to do is lay people off during the Christmas holiday” said Foldes on why he decided to defy’s the county’s orders that bans restaurants, bars and breweries from serving outdoors.”I can’t see laying them off, they need money for the holidays.”

Foldes and Rey own five locations, with one in Los Angeles County where outdoor dining is banned.”We have already been through it, in March we laid everyone off,” said Rey. “That was awful we can’t do it again.” (RELATED : Los Angeles Restaurant Owners Protest Outdoor Dining Ban)

The restaurant has been fined $1,500 so far for defying orders and continuing to serve outdoor dining despite the ban. The restaurant has received the fines from County of Los Angeles Public Health, and the owners expect more to come.


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