You Can Get A DUI On A Lawnmower?!

(Screenshot/Daily Caller)

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This police bodycam footage shows that it doesn’t take a car to get a DUI.

The first bodycam video shows a man on a lawnmower getting pulled over. While that may be a difficult task to accomplish, swerving in the middle of the road while blasted lowers the bar of difficulty.

Some might view renting an electric scooter as a safe alternative to driving — and a good way to avoid a DUI. But in the second bodycam video, a barhopping woman is shocked to discover she’s subject to a DUI arrest on scooter. (RELATED: Incredible Body Cam Video: Police Officer Pulls Wheelchair-Bound Man From Tracks As A Train Barrels Toward Him)

Watch these police encounters through the perspective of the officers.


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