‘This Guy Is like A Slippery Eel’: Joy Behar Holds Up Kevin McCarthy As An Example Of ‘Insidious Fascism’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar held up House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as an example of what she called “insidious fascism” during a Thursday segment of “The View.”

Behar said that while she didn’t like Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, she always knew where he stood — but McCarthy was more difficult to pin down. “This guy is like a slippery eel,” she said. (RELATED: Joy Behar Wants Matt Gaetz ‘Taken Down,’ Calls For Sanctions On Right-Leaning Media)


“Peter Meijer … I think that’s how you say his name. He said he’s buying body armor and altering his daily routines because of the threats he’s getting,” Behar began. “This is what Trump and his followers have brought us to. The mafia. That members of Congress are in fear for their lives when they vote because you don’t like their vote so you’re going to threaten their lives. It’s really sad.”

Behar went on to mention a trip to Normandy, France, where she had visited the graves of American soldiers who were killed in World War II.

“It reminds you of what this country was. This country sacrificed American lives to fight fascism, and now we are fighting ourselves. We are fighting the fascists in this country. That is so appalling,” Behar continued. “Europeans must be looking at us and saying, what the hell happened to the United States of America?”

Behar then turned on several specific Republicans — namely Jordan, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert — saying that McCarthy was the worst of all of them.

“Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, also known as the three stooges. We know where they stand. We know they are fascists, but Kevin McCarthy who goes out there and says, ‘Well, I know he did it. He’s guilty, but I’m not going to punish him,'” Behar explained her reasoning. “That, to me, is the insidious fascism that is growing day by day in this country, and it’s people like Kevin McCarthy who need to be dealt with even more than Jim Jordan, who I can’t stand, mind you, but at least we know who he is. This guy is like a slippery eel. I don’t trust him at all or anybody in that ilk.”